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Advanced Rigging and Slinging (Rigger II)



1 day
Certificate Validity


2 years
Prerequisites ·         At least 21 years of age.

·         Has a basic rigging and slinging (Rigger I) certificate along with decent knowledge in cranes and lifting operations.

Target group


All relevant production employees, artisan’s as required per production needs, without previous certification
  • Gain understanding of the legal provisions concerning lifting operation.
  • Understand the effect of hitches and angles in lifting various lifting operations.
  • Have knowledge of lifting gear inspection.
  • Effectively carry out his duty as a competent rigger.
  • Rigger duties and responsibilities
  • Terms and definitions of various lifting/rigging terminology
  • Introduction to various types of slings (webbing slings, wire rope slings and chain slings)
  • Pre-use inspection of various types of slings
  • Rejection criteria of lifting accessories
  • Types of lifting hitches
  • Sling angles
  • Determining the slings capacity
  • Types of Shackles, eye bolts and hooks, chain block , turn buckles and their inspection
  • Proper lifting techniques
  • Common lifting hazards
  • Communication and Hand Signals during Lifting
  • Hazards associated with cranes operation
  • Practical Session
  • Assessment
Exam To pass the exam must be 75 % successful