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Manual Handling



1 day
Certificate Validity


2 years
Target group


This session is aimed at staff and students that are required to conduct manual handling tasks, including lifting, pushing and pulling loads.
Prerequisites Please be sure to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes. If you have any health issues that may affect your ability to lift, please let the trainer know at the start of the course or when booking.
  • The health effects of poor technique
  • Legal aspects related to manual handling
  • Assessing task, individual, load and environment
  • Type of lifting equipment available
  • Good lifting techniques
  • When not to lift
Contents This session will be a combination of both lifting theory and practical work. By the end we will ensure all delegates:

  • Understand how the body lifts and how simple techniques can reduce the potential for damage
  • Understand the employers obligations in managing manual handling tasks and risk
  • Have the ability to undertake basic assessments taking into account the task, individual type of load and working environment
  • Are able to successfully demonstrate a good lifting technique for common workplace items & understand their own limits and types of support equipment.
Exam To pass the exam must be 75 % successful