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Confined Space Entry



1 day
Certificate Validity


2 years
Target group


Any personnel involved with confined spaces work or potential rescuers.
Prerequisites ·         Must be in good physical and psychological condition.

·         Be of legal age.

Objectives The aim of the training is to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge of the hazards for working in confined spaces, safe use of tools and equipment, control of hazards and developing an emergency procedure.
Contents ·         Introduction

·         Definitions

·         Examples of Confined Spaces

·         Hazards of Confined Spaces

·         Duty and Responsibility

·         Why Working in Confined Spaces is Hazardous?

·         Key Elements of Risk Assessment for Confined Spaces

·         Control of Confined Spaces Hazards

·         Atmospheric Hazards

·         Confined Space Entry Permit

·         Confined Space General Requirements

·         Gas Testing and Monitoring of the Confined Space Atmosphere

·         Purging and Ventilation

·         Rescue Arrangements

·         Assessment

Exam To pass the exam must be 75 % successful