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Breathing Apparatus



1 day


Certificate Validity 2 years
Target group


Employees who may have a requirement to operate breathing apparatus
Prerequisites There are no prerequisites.
Objectives The objective of this course is to provide the knowledge and skills to safely operate and work in atmospheres that may have a harmful level of contaminants or do not have a safe oxygen level. The Breathing Apparatus training course is designed for employees who may be required to utilise breathing apparatus equipment for the purpose of accessing hazardous locations including confined spaces or performing work and maintenance in contaminated atmospheres. Participants will wear breathing apparatus and be taught appropriate operating procedures.
  • Hazardous environments that require breathing protection
  • Relevant Australian Standards and regulations explained
  • The human respiratory system
  • Types of breathing apparatus
  • Communication procedures
  • Risk assessments and hierarchy of hazard control
  • Breathing apparatus key components
  • Calculating working duration & emergency escape times
  • Using breathing apparatus control tally boards
  • Breathing apparatus safety & entrapment procedures
  • After use cleaning, maintenance & testing procedures


Exam To pass the exam must be 75 % successful