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Advanced Fire Fighting



4 days
Certificate Validity


2 years
Target group


This course is designed for personnel who are designated to control firefighting operations and wish to qualify for a certificate of competency.


Those undertaking this training must have completed Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting OR similar training.
Objectives ·         Work as onsite incident commander during fire incident.

·         Carry out quantitative and qualitative fire risk assessment.

·         Organize fire teams.

·         Fight fires.

·         Train fire parties and control fire-fighting operations.

Contents ·         Theory of combustion

·         Hydrocarbon Fires

·         Fire Hazards and Risks

·         Fire Prevention

·         Protective Clothing

·         Fire Hose and Fittings

·         Fire Extinguishers

·         Suppression Systems

·         Breathing Apparatus

·         Search Procedures

·         Confined Space Entry

·         Command and Control

·         Fire Investigation

Exam To pass the exam must be 75 % successful